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Just who are you? Where do you get off writing a book about surviving in jail or prison?
There may not be another person in America who has spent five years working as a bail bondsman, 13+ years as a criminal defense attorney, and last but certainly not least, done a 270 day stretch of time. I've seen the system at work from just about every angle you can imagine, and I know how to explain it so even a 5 year old can understand and survive

If youíd taken a poll 20 years ago, I probably would have been voted Least Likely to Go to Jail. In fact, over my 13+ year career as a criminal defense attorney, I represented at least 10 people Iíd attended a school with. When you figure into the equation that I attended 8 schools in 10-1/2 years, it would figure Iíd run across someone I knew every now and then who was in serious legal trouble.

But no one ever thought it would be me!

I was your basic nerdish, almost straight-A non-jock student. Maybe even a teacherís pet once or twice. Not exactly the resume of your average felon.

But that didnít keep a judge from handing me a stretch in jail like he was giving away Halloween candy.

The hows and the whys don't really matter. The point is, I went from semi-respected attorney to inmate in just a few short steps. I found myself facing the ultimate survival challenge, one not likely to appear anytime soon on Reality TV. I had nothing to guide me but my wits and the bits of intelligence Iíd picked up from my clientele over the years. Combining the two, I managed to do my time in remarkably easy fashion.

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