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How to Survive

in Prison or Jail

Are you going to prison or jail? Is this your first time? Are you concerned about getting raped, beaten, or even surviving?

Sure, you've seen TV series like Oz - the HBO Prison Series OZ Prison DVD Set and Prison Break . You might have read Fish: A Memoir of a Boy in a Man's PrisonFish: A Memoir of a Boy in a Man's Prison, or perhaps Tookie Williams, Life in Prison or any number of others that can scare the hell out of you! I know I sure was when I was looking at doing 3 to 5 years in prison.

But I survived and you can too. In fact, eventually I managed to get my GED, write some books and turn my life around. I can't say it was easy but I can testify to you that it can be done.

We include prison stories we have put together in order to provide you, the reader, with the tone and thought processes prevalent in prison. Our book is not a collection of interviews and stories but rather a set of strategies and tactics to enable yo to avoid these kinds of experiences!

There are a lot of myths and stereotype situations portrayed in the movies and books about prison life. New fish generally expect to get raped their first day or at least to be beaten. This is rare. The latest prison statistics reveal approximately 10% - 15% of inmates are ever raped. Of course that's still 15 out of every 100 so your goal is to be one of the 85 out of 100 that never experience this sense of powerlessness. After all, in prison, sex generally is about power. Unless of course it's consensual between the parties and this does occur as well.

Beatings in prison and jail are another matter. It is estimated that 75% - 85% of those inmates remaining in prison 5 years or longer will be involved in at least one fight. How bad you're affected by this depends on luck, the other guy(s), and your tactics for minimizing the circumstances

Do you remember your first day in High School? Remember walking into the gym or onto the playground for the very first time? Do you remember going to lunch in the cafeteria and not having a single, solitary friend to hook-up with? That's prison! Only that stress in prison your first day is multiplied by 1000.

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But I'm not here to teach you how to have fun in jail.  I'm going to teach you everything you need to know to survive in the most hostile environment imaginable.  In my book, "Survive Jail," you'll learn things like:

AND THE BIG KAHUNA......The #1 Question on the Mind of EVERY MAN about to do his first stretch of Jail or Prison Time:

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